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My 16 year-old daughter said, "Gee Dad! You look just like an accountant"

And she wasn't being complimentary.

Accountants are perceived to be boring, dreary and conservative.

Over the years we've been the butt of many jokes. I've heard them all.

Why did the accountant cross the road? Since he looked up the file and that's what they did last year! Ha Ha!

What do accountants use as a contraceptive? Their personality! Ha Ha!"

Why do accountants befall accountants? They don't have the magnetism to be undertakers! Ha Ha!

What do they call an accountant at the bed of the sea? A bloody good start! Ha Ha!

I think I am the exception.

That's why I've begun to call in my opinion a affair strategist and counselor. "You're still an accountant," says teenage daughter.

I am still an accountant and I'm still as passionate about it as the day I started. For the reason that accountants have an bearing on people's lives. The counsel we give changes people's businesses which in turn changes their lives. I'm excited in my role of accountant.

Accounting is not stodgy. Accounting is exciting. Accounting is cool! My desire is to befall the "cool dude of accounting". (do they still say "dude", do they still say "cool". Bear in mind that song: When I say, "cool, man, cool, I don't mean cool, man, cool, I mean you leave me cold, Jack")

We were throwing some ideas about with some of our clients as we do from time to time, looking for that inimitable advantage that our firm gives to our clients. That inimitable a touch that distinguishes us from other accounting practices.

One said, "You have helped me to convalesce my business. Not only am I creation more profits and have more to spend, but I also have more time to spend away from the business. The more time I spend at home with my ancestors the happier my life is. And the happier I am the happier my wife and offspring seem to be.

When my wife is happy all sorts of good equipment ensue - even our sex life improves. That's it! You can make known that using Kelvyn Peters CPA and Contacts improves your sex life"

I don't think so!

Sorry, we haven't acknowledged his idea. You're entirely on your own in that department, but we can help you better your affair and as a result your life. And your goal might not be extra profit but extra time for living! We know we can for the reason that we are doing it for others.

We go over ourselves so often as the truth is the truth and there is only a incomplete amount of ways to tell it. You've heard this before. If you are expenditure every waking jiffy in a hassle about your business, there must be a develop way. There is!

Accountants have been ripping off their clients for years

In 1973 I attended a workshop for accountants at the Finance Management Examination Base then headed by Dr Keith Cleland. The workshop was anticipated to drag participants into the 20th century.

"Accountants have been ripping off their clients for years", he told us. The 25 participants were shocked. These represented brilliant accounting firms from all about Australia, both large firms and small. They were at the callous edge of the industry. Or else they would not have been at this kind of workshop.

To a anyone they resented that commentary and one fellow required to punch him on the nose. (It wasn't me, but I would have held his coat).

By the week's end we open how we were charging high fees for belongings that our clients couldn't understand, couldn't use and didn't need. At the same time we were neglecting the in a row that they did need to become more intense their profits and safeguard their businesses.

20 Years Later what's Changed?

I attended a week long round table hosted by CPA Australia in 1993 which was to train us in "client based accounting". Dr Cleland obtainable the original module. He did not openly assess accountants this time, after all, it was the CPA's hosting it, but he gave approximately the same dialect (same jokes, too) as he had 20 years before.

"These effects aren't trained in Universities", he said, "so the accounting profession has by and large unnoticed them. They have let small commerce down but belongings are changing".

Know-it-all, Kelvyn Peters had to jump to his feet and say that the doctor of medicine had said accurately the same thing 20 years ago. Where were the signs of change? Universities were still not beliefs accountants how to help their clients.

"This discussion group with CPA Australia and the evocation they might make client based accounting a speciality is a good sign", he replied.

10 Years Later?

Nothing has changed. Our hopes have thin on the vine and small affair must look somewhere else for help.

Recently I was called in to assist an not a hundred percent restaurant. We were happy to work with their free accountant. We'd considerably do the fun stuff and let the accountant do the boring tax profits and agreement work.

In this case the client insisted we take over the whole of the accounting function.

The accountant was most unhappy. "They are challenging clients", he said, "I have kept the fee lower than it must be and I have done extra to help them".

Indeed, he had! The economic statements were exquisite to consider with decorated graphs and key ratios compared aligned with activity average. (most accountants still don't do that.

I had advised that both wages costs and cost of food were too high. Our focus was to form tactics to bring down them.

"But I had previously told them that", said the Accountant, "what do they need you for?'

I told him that the client knew the kitchen wages were too high and what he sought was for a big shot to show them how to bring down the wages in the kitchen.

"I can't do that", he said, "I'm an accountant". I would have to camp down there in the restaurant to see what's going on. And they wouldn't pay the fee".

Yes they would. They were going to pay me.

Most accountants see their role as being the bringer of monetary statements, cash-flow projections and tax returns, and there's the rub.

Each of these is a tool not an end in itself. It's like generous the client a hammer and saw and illuminating him to go build a house. He needs more than the tools, he needs to be shown how to use them.

Of classes the client will grumble about fees at all the level if all he receives are not convenient to him.

Accountants commonly are flat out preparing economic statements and tax returns. Appointment dead-lines. They haven't the time to 'smell the roses'. No matter which that doesn't help meet a dead-line has to wait until later. Often its too late.

I may still look like an accountant, even the cool dude of accounting, but there is nil I like more than chatting with a commerce owner about his business. There's nil a big business owner likes more than discussing his affair and development to make more money. It's great fun and he loves to pay me for it.

Mostly, small big business owners know what their evils are. And customarily they know the way to solve them. It's just that they need a barely help to execute the changes necessary. Quite often their commerce only needs a bit of fine-tuning and at http://www. profitstrategies4business. com you'll find Kelvyn Peters and Associates. They'll give you the help you need.

Kelvyn is one of Australia's best portion Tax Agents. Kelvyn was registered in February 1962. He is a executive of Restaurant Catering Qld Inc the peak employer agent in Queensland, and has advised the welcome activity for many years. His speciality is affecting in to rescue below par restaurants.

Kelvyn Peters CPA (The cool dude of accounting) has spent over 20 years experimenting and researching methods to help small affair in consequential ways that are affordable.

Kelvyn and his contacts have perfected it with their local clients now they are going global: http://www. profitstrategies4business. com


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