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Aircraft Interiors of individual and corporate jets have hundreds of thousands of dollars invested. We have had an occasion to speak at extent in Tucson, AZ a moment ago about the exceptional custom interiors the authority they cost in act and the needs in cleaning. There is a large band there that specializes in putting in new aircraft interiors for more than a few large biz jet manufacturers and also does custom work for all but a person in the world who wants it right and perfect;

http://www. ainonline. com/Publications/nbaa. . . ecranepg84. html

http://www. airnav. com/airport/KTUS/PREMIER .

Most aviation carpet is 85 lb count the ones that are less you have to be very alert in cleaning so you do not harm them. When spraying led light with cleaner you must be alert or else you can get physically into an electrical issue. Often spot stain remover or moist towels with cleaner on them are best. Most small spots are only Pepsi or auburn stains and come off more or less easy, the less you use a tool to clean exclusive an aircraft the better. Be also cautious to ask manufacturer beforehand treating with Scotch-Guard, it can cause harms and some of the a range of crop of this type are flammable.

FAR 25. 853b talks about carpet treatments and flammability, check it out if you are unsure ahead of using an off shelf Home Depot name Brand household product.

FAA Advisory Circular 23-2 also has some belongings to be said and in sequence references from previous NTSB information of incidents. An added issue we take acutely is the badly behaved of gold plated seat buckles, ashtray covers, etc. Brawny cleaners can cut off the coating. Also a badly behaved with ink stains on leather, it is not wise to use biting cleaners or chemicals on such stains. Many of the leather dye types are very light. Mark is all too easy. For some extra in rank on this area under discussion check out;

Stevenson Aviation http://www. StevensAviation. com

http://www. ApperanceGroup. com .

We hope we have assisted you in your examination that brought you to this page. Continuous Accomplishment in the whole lot you do.

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