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Self serve car washes in the united states - small-business


In the 2003 Auto Laundry News Appraise it was dogged that only 10% of the Coin-op Car Washes had a web site. So if you are doing lots of creature examination on car washes that are self serve, do not be expecting to find a lot of data on the Internet. Owners of coin-op car washes say that only 76% have internet access. The be around inhabitants is 64% in the US. Not much better, so this low tech sector of the Activity seems to continue un Tech. Only 15% of coin-ops surveyed took belief cards for tokens, equipment or even allowance machines. Of which 17% only claimed to have compromise machines, which most feel are 1/3 of their pay if they had them. Only 4% had drinking water fountains. 13% had added an in bay certain in the last five years. 51% had more than one location.

Today I visited 3 car washes that were coin ops owned by the same person. One had seven bays, an added had three bays and one automatic, an added had a car wash in front with 4 bays and an consequential and a different car wash in the back with 4 more coin-op bays. All had entourage and machines. The analysis seemed to abide by the study of today. 68% said they were in middle-income areas. Only 7-9% had more than 5 car wash sites from 2000-2003 surveys and commonly they were not all in only one city. Those with computerized in bay units found that those inbay units generated a gross of $5,435. 00 and The arithmetic mean costs as well as Apparatus was just about $2,000. 00, with the arithmetic mean breakdown time 2 weeks per year. 15 days. Best flavor was coldness for the industry. Bounce was also painstaking very good. Noon to 7 pm were the best hours. Busiest day of week was Saturdays. Only 18% have attendants. 43% had part time entourage and as a rule on weekends. Be in the region of monthly gross earnings per bay was $1300.

The units we visited today seem to be inline maybe to some extent advanced than this of the Auto Laundry News Survey. All surveyed said that 2002 they made less money than earlier years, which would make sense due to the slighter sum of individual monies, less money flow in this depression and lower employment figures. Also things, which plague the industry, were droughts and water shortages, restrictions and civic perception about water. 20% of all owners of coin-ops are assessment of edifice a further one. 27% said they did have other self serves in their car wash area of marketing.

Average coin-op being built cost $226K in apparatus and $300K in land and improvements. This is why we are not fascinated in chatting to poor colonize who think they want to build a car wash and think they will not have to work once built. We have talked to colonize wishing to build car washes with $30,000 down payment and think that they can build it for $45,000 I have to tell you judging by what we have educated and this appraise you would not even be close.

Even with an SBA loan you need 20% down, so you would need $100K to do the deal if the whole lot went right in most cities of any inhabitants base laudable of a good degree business. The Appraisal had some attractive thoughts, which said the be an average of vacuum coin-op made $. 20 per exact and each bay made $. 38 per minute. We hoped you enjoyed this appraisal of the analysis to get the genuine analyze go to the Auto Laundry News Magazine web site.

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