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You are doubtless hard at work promoting your affair (and if you're not, you must be!), but if you haven't submitted your profile to any contests yet, you may be gone astray a fair opportunity.

Receiving an award for your affair can add to your company's credibility. Winners can brand their businesses as "Award Winning" in following promotion and often accept a logo or motif to note the achievement on web pages and promotional materials. Participating in dealings like these can engender advantageous exposure to the commerce cooperation and the media loves to cover these actions and often interviews participants for stories. Even if you don't win, cleanly participating could open doors you didn't even know existed.

Your local chamber of commerce, small big business dealing out concentrate or trade alliance may sponsor an awards event. Many contests accuse an entry fee so you must weigh the cost adjacent to the value of participating. If the rewards and/or exposure are great, the entry fee can by a long shot pay for itself. There are also a add up to of dealings that you can enter online. Here are a few to consider:

The Small Biz Games
(http://www. SmallBizGames. com) offers cash prizes from $500 to $2000 for winners in categories such as Industrialist of the Year, Best Internet Commerce of the Year, Best New Business of the Year, Best New Creation of the Year, and Most Creative Marketing Campaign. Winners will be grateful at an awards ceremonial dinner at a small big business congress in Las Vegas with essential lecturer Jay Conrad Levinson (author of the ever accepted Rebel Marketing run of books). Deadline for entry is December 31, 2005.

The Webby Awards
(http://www. WebbyAwards. com) are free by The Worldwide Military institute of Digital Arts and Sciences to admit distinction in website design. There are over sixty categories as well as Arts, Blog, Community, Events, Games, Lifestyle, Health, Sports, Travel, and Weird. The deadline for 2005 has by now passed, but you can sign up on their website for notification of forthcoming contest details.

The Stevies Awards for Women Entrepreneurs
(http://www. StevieAwards. com) honors winners from 18 categories plus Best Company, Best Entrepreneur, Best New Product, Era Achievement, and Women Plateful Women. This contest is open to all U. S. based women-owned businesses with fewer than 100 employees. The 2005 contest facts must be announced soon and there is an opt-in mailing list on their site for notifications.

The folks at InsideBlogging. com hosted their first Business Blogging Awards (http://www. businessbloggingawards. com/) in 2005. Some of the categories incorporated Best Blogs: Overall, Entrepreneur, Leadership, Marketing, About Small Business, and PR. The prizes were donated by sponsors and the winners were select by voters from the public, on condition that great exposure to entrants. Watch for updates from this site and an declaration on a new contest for Expertise Awards.

While ingoing awards may not be a customary venue for marketing your business, it can definitely pay off in exposure and other opportunities. The best approach is to enter these contests early, be thorough with the details, and participate in any actions or forums free by the hosts. This is a great ability to "sell" your affair to the communal so be sure to word your entries carefully. Use the break to association with other businesses and make new connections. Soon your promotion line of attack may shift to hype your "Award Winning" business.

Stephanie Chandler is the cause of "The Big business Startup Checklist and Development Guide: Seize Your Consumerist Dreams!" and the come to grief of http://www. BusinessInfoGuide. com, a encyclopedia of free income for entrepreneurs. Sign up for the BusinessInfoGuide newsletter to accept hot income and tips every month.


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