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I only have to point to the 555 plus futile . com companies (according to Web Mergers) as the poster brood of the "speed at any cost" affair song that openly doesn't work. And these were companies who burnt all the way through big amounts of center (in the millions, tens of millions or hundreds of millions in many cases) while they were rushing to get to market.

Do you astonishment why every time you talk to a big shot he or she seems to be in such a hurry that they don't exceedingly have time to talk with you? But if you want to work with them, you have to try and converse on the phone as a first step, or even worse, setup some type of a face-to-face meeting. What's going on? Why aren't we all slowing the pace down so we can focus on big business processes that are based upon viable models? Above all in these financial times where relationships and processes are decisive to ongoing achievement and/or survival!

I think we are experiencing some type of a . com hangover effect. Each was in such a hurry at some point in the heady GBF ("get big fast") . com days . . . demanding to do the "land grab" while "driving an "online brand" that would lead to a quick "exit strategy" . . . that they forgot to exceedingly characterize a viable big business model that incorporated advance of concrete goods and armed forces for real customers.

I still come into associate with many colonize that act like they've been hard wired to a alter ego espresso. They aren't sure what they are doing or where they are going, but they want to do the whole thing in a hurry! It seems like many are still frustrating to build a affair the same way they did for the duration of the last two years, when essentials and many information of commerce went out the window, while greed became the order of the day.

We are decisive our clients speed can and does kill on the web. It's time to slow down and think intentionally about what they want to do and then build marketing campaigns and processes that convey concrete value to their advertise demographics (read customers!).

Here are some deep marketing rules for alive life in the slow (but safe) lane:

1. Make sure all marketing guarantee (web and offline) are in synch. Invest ample time and assets to guarantee there are no discrepancies concerning them to build a organized brand that efficiently communicates what you do.

2. Take time to especially evaluate affair opportunities. Don't just blast all the way through relationships, meetings or assessments. Many times you can build viable partnerships by session down and charming a hard look at how third parties complement your commerce and vice versa.

3. Use the web for what's it's actually meant for - as a highway for connections and commerce. It's not the "saving grace" its been touted to be by many companies; 87% of Internet users today employ the web to examination goods and services.

4. Make time to look at your competitors, whether they are athwart the road or on the other side of the world. The web has fashioned a business model where a competitor is just a click away. So cautiously evaluate what your competitors are doing.

5. Be in contact with your customers and partners. It doesn't do much good to build a attractive web site that does not make it easy for ancestors to commerce your company. I've seen hundreds of web sites the last year that don't have e-mail contacts or phone information scheduled prominently. Take/make time to build a site that lets citizens be in touch with you.

6. Hire associates with some gray hairs. They may not flash the most recent PDA at you or wear the most recent trendy clothes, but many of them have years of come across construction companies at a snail's pace and carefully, by paying concentration to affair fundamentals. I've got nobody anti youth, but it seems like many over 40-somethings got left by the curb in the . com mania and to the harm of many companies.

7. Think small when you're edifice a business. The billion buck days are gone with last year's PR hyperbole. I get no royalties from E. F. Shumacher, but I actually think his "Small is Charming As if Citizens Mattered" is a amazing book and the advance is done by Paul Hawken, a brilliant run entrepreneur, well known for his attraction PBS (Public Diffusion Assistance for comprehensive readers) cycle on "Growing a Business" that inspired many of us to take the consumerist plunge.

About The Author

Lee Traupel has 20 plus years of affair change and marketing encounter - he is the creator of Intelective Communications, Inc. , http://www. intelective. com a results-driven marketing military business given that proprietary armed forces to clients on all sides of startups to civic companies. Lee@intelective. com


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