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Cell detailing environmental affair in the deep south - small-business


Macon, GA goes after garage-gas class conversion detail/hand car washes for allowing storm drain pollution. I can bear in mind a time when we were in the Macon GA. we bunged and talked to be head of the DEP and showed them cinema of colonize polluting after a big cheese complained about our band we knew it was a competitor. They looked at the cinema and then looked us in the eyes and said "we do not want any harms about here, you must be from anywhere else are you from California?" we said yes, we were from California, but that makes no difference, as you are not permitted to corrupt anyplace in this kingdom no affair where you are for the reason that the NPDES permits requires that you admire EPA laws.

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We could see how a big cheese who would not stick up for their constitutional rights could get in critical troubles there. We are the car wash guys and we do not put up with baloney. They left us alone after that, but when we went back two months later we noticed nonentity had changed. What we witnessed was water consecutively down the storm drain appearance from assign shops. One road had numerous shops on it. Not only was it a waste of water, but also a waste of money. We were also quite alarmed to see the employees of these companies using Acid for wheels and other chemicals on the driveways of these shops while it ran into the gutter down the road into the storm drain not even a accommodate mile from the river. The gentleman we talk to appeared to be scared of us since we were from out-of-town and looked like we had our act together. He also looked over and afraid that we might cause a legal action, which we would have. After appraisal this commentary and belief back to That Business meeting and how our member of staff felt who worked for our franchisee at the time. It seems to me that there is a real conundrum in all small towns, but in Macon, Georgia it is even worse that we could have expected.

If you are going to start a cellular phone detailing affair or carwash you may want to check out the area first and see what type of environmental enforcement you are up against, as many of these folks do not continually appreciate how cellular phone washing companies do things. A little to think about.

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