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So often small assistance businesses fail to exploit niches, which have hardly if any competition. I know as I built my companies we constantly tried to ascertain all the marketplace niches and go after them. We were not all the time able to be successful at everything, infrequently we would fail; it happened more than I would care to admit, but those are education learned. The best way to get to hit is to learn from the challenges of the past and so in my administrative center I have a huge trashcan, better than any executive you will ever meet. And it is continually full. That's okay. Let me tell you about one of the more flourishing niches we bare in the burden washing business; tractor cleaning.

This is a great market; there is so much work with all the new environmental laws and the escalating populace base and economy. www. tractorwashguys. com . One catch we had back when we got into the bazaar was that Greenspan and the Fed had been raising the rates so new home starts ongoing to decline and many new developments have been put on hold. This was 10-years ago in a atypical belt-tightening exercise and a another market. It also precious the construction Conscientiousness and the price of off road diesel fuel was up. Appealing we see the same effects event now today, but a to some extent atypical consequence as home sales are still going even although the cost-cutting is viewing a slow down in some sectors.

There is no need to wash tractors, which are sitting, idle or latent and when we happening into the affair of heavy paraphernalia cleaning this is where we were at, so we ongoing by contribution this authorize as a module to our franchisees of truck wash guys www. truckwashguy. com . Since it is alike in character the type of cleaning done, plus all the companies who own tractors also own trucks to move them, water trucks, and other units, which the truck wash guys would as a rule wash. So it made sense to go after this niche even in a down budget at the time. Also it made sense to look at agricultural tractor cleaning for the reason that no be relevant what the budget does ancestors have to eat, right? We certain to offer this authorize module with a break free charter accord for a new $3,000. 00 only. This enclosed our cost to train the franchisee for one week in Butte MT washing tractors at the mines, explicitly Sunlight Gold Mine, kind of funny if you think about it; we will train you for one week at a gold mine?

In Heavy Paraphernalia cleaning there is allot of critical in rank they must know and protection issues are very pitiless when functioning about heavy equipment. The only real qualifications in the tractor wash guys big business are that the franchisee be a man type man or a tuff woman. A young executive institution type undergraduate may not like this type of work. The money is very good. I bear in mind times earning near $3,000 on a weekend cleaning tractors operational 24 hours a day for two days and getting greasy to the point you could not tell what race I was. Well, if you have not guessed it I am a white guy, but if you saw me with a bunch of black guys you would swear I was one of the brothers. At night you are effective with steam and in a giant cloudbank of sauna type fog. When you cool down you are soaked, greasy and tired. It is like the live football in the mud with a bunch of brutes, which do not care about pain. So it takes a real tough person. But the money is great. Noticeably this is not the same being type who comes to your parking lot to assign your BMW who wears varneys and Nike High Tops.

We do all kinds of paraphernalia and also strip paint for refurbishing, and detailing cabs for apparatus auctions. I ongoing this affair since the call is high for class companies who can give this type of service. In the main the types of independents who do this type of steam cleaning are not appreciation of how to go about the affair appearance of it. Many of the new corporate farmers run them like HMOs and the large construction companies have procedures and cover requirements. They can no longer hire the band who rolls up chewing tobacco and says, "Y'ALL need them belongings kleen or naut?" They have the OSHA to deal with and the NPDES Food and the EPA screaming down their neck. There is just no way to hire the autonomous guy who cannot admire the rules. We know the way to do it. Give me a hard hand and we will give him a great authorization cleaning gear and tractors, I use to say. We have been perfecting this co-brand for two years and have brought quite a few citizens onto our team who have helped. It needs to be its own franchise.

It is a bazaar sector overlooked but is basic and everybody in the burden washing commerce needs to look into this niche. A new Worm engine cost in extra of $65,000. 00 it cannot over heat, which is what happens if the space heater flanges are not kept free from dirt and grease. Also the blades on scrappers have to be replaced and welded on and cannot be welded when they are all greasy. Welders make $80. 00 per hour so they do not want them cleaning equipment. Most heavy apparatus anxiety washing companies make well in glut of $100. 00 per hour. There are so many reasons to clean equipment counting the fact that operators are Union and do not have to work in unfair setting about greasy walk ways which cause protection issues or in a dust ridden cab or be exposed to gratuitous fire hazards or unsafe conditions. Also is the railroad industry, major work existing there. One of our franchisees worked for the railroad conscientiousness as a computer rail master. We have the classified track to the purchasing administer for the major railroads. Some of the contracts are intense. One we freshly found out about was over 500,000 dollars on a two-year contract.

Pressure washing companies need to look into the heavy business and tackle cleaning sector at plants, rail yards, ports, agricultural corporate farms, oil field air force and heavy construction. I hope you have enjoyed today's burden washing case study. Think on it.

"Lance Winslow" - If you have innovative feelings and distinctive perspectives, come think with Lance; www. WorldThinkTank. net/wttbbs


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