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"I don't know the key to success, but the key to breakdown is difficult to choose everybody. "--Bill Cosby

Have you ever had clients that were more bother than they were worth? Maybe they were all the time late to pay, or didn't do what they said they'd do. Maybe you just had a personality clash, or they anticipated more than you were able to offer. Anything the situation, probability are you had an hunch when you first met that client. . . a tiny voice that you didn't snoop to, that was almost certainly overshadowed by the better voice that said, "Hey, it's business; I'll take it!"

Drawing The Line

Learn to say no to those clients, beforehand they start draining your energy! The key to being able to do this is to absorb Your Ideal Client. Once you know how to acknowledge who is ideal and who is not, you can attempt rotating down affair from the latter. If you have anxiety axiom no, you'll need to learn this analytical big business skill, and what to do to get rid of conundrum clients you by now have; see the income at the foot of this article. If you have a coach, ask them to help you absolute the Ideal Client exercise, or to role-play those "saying no" conversations.

How to Determine YOUR Ideal Client

There are many ways to approximate the Ideal Client/Customer Profile. You can sit down and dream up the best, most amazing client you could have--whether that is an abstract entity, a acclaim (what critic wouldn't want Oprah as a customer, for example), or a definite demographic profile. If your customers are more possible to be companies, you could look at your existing client list, and pick the ballet company that gives you the most business, the most joy, the least heartburn.

The Ideal Client Profile

Whoever you pick, start a profile matrix with two columns: "My Ideal Client Is:" on the left; "My Ideal Client is Not:", on the right. In the discourse on the left, list all the characteristics of that type of character or company. Use the questions below as prompts to get you assessment about all the another aspects of each client.

Then, both think of the contrary of all those aspects, or pick the "client from hell" and fill in corresponding character in the right-hand column. Be especially frank with this exercise! If you'd instead only have clients who make over $500,000, put that down! Your clients who don't fit your Ideal characteristics, whether you write them down or not, will in the end know it. May as well get that over with early!

Prompts: Care about these aspects of your Ideal Patron or Client:

-- What career or affair are they in?

-- What demographics do they fit? (age, sex, race, religion, income, marital status, etc. )

-- What do they think is chief in business? In life?

-- What do they like most about you and your business, goods and services?

-- What is the description of their connection with you? (transactional, long-time customer, acquaintance, friend, refers others to you, etc. )

-- How do they do big business with you? (by phone, in person, on the Web; quick transactions, takes time to negotiate; pays early, on-time, at 30 days; etc. )

-- What personality characteristics do they have?

-- What do you get from them (besides payment)?

Now What?

Compare your flow client list to the two columns in The Ideal Client Profile. How many have the characteristics of your Ideal Client? If the counter is "not many," you may need to work on firing some of your clients! Check out some assets below on how to do this.

Next, post your Ideal Client Profile anywhere you will see it often. Every time a new capability client comes along, start looking for those Ideal characteristics. . . and beware the non-ideal! If that a small amount voice starts to tell you a bit might be wrong, check in with the non-ideal list--and be ready with some ways to turn away non-ideal clients. Offer them other options--refer them to a big shot else who is a beat fit, and make two citizens happier!

Ideal Clients--For Life

There are many ways to force the work you have just done with the Ideal Client Profile. Here are some ideas:

-- Audit your marketing materials. Do your affair cards, brochures, ads and website application to your Ideal Client? Are you transfer the right message, to the right ability clients? Hone your materials, and start bearing in mind better-qualified budding clients walk in the door.

-- Bear in mind your marketing channels. Based on your Ideal Client profile, where would you be expecting to find these clients? Is that where your marketing pains are focused? If not, amount out a way to get in front of them!

-- Analysis your contracts, policies, terms and conditions. Are they set up to be open to your Ideal Clients? Do they give you clear avenues for commerce with non-ideal clients? If not, fill in them, and you might see non-ideal clients take care of themselves.

Start attracting your Ideal Clients today!

Copyright 2004, Terri Zwierzynski - Accel Innovation, Inc.


Terri Zwierzynski is a coach to small affair owners and Solo Entrepreneurs. She is also the CEI (Conductor of Extraordinary Ideas) at Solo-E. com and the biographer of 136 Ways To Bazaar Your Small Business. Terri is an MBA honors arrange from UNC-Chapel Hill. Terri has been education for over 10 years in a brand of settings, together with 6 years as a senior-level coach and consultant for a Chance 500 company. She opened her concealed education apply in 2001. You can reach Terri at http://www. TerriZ. com.


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