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The inside-out commerce plan? -- your small big business plan in 10 easy questions - small-business


Writing a commerce plan for your Solo Industrialist affair doesn't have to be a demoralizing project. If you can counter 10 candid questions about your business, you can be ready to go.

The key to sensation is to counter all of the questions in a sufficient amount depth that if a ally asked you to invest in this business, you'd say yes. Most importantly, make sure you background your affair plan somehow. . . whether you write it by hand, type it into your computer, or put it on stickie notes on your wall. Keep it anywhere handy where you can refer to it when you are assembly chief affair decisions. And, make sure you appraise it monthly--or, even better, weekly--and bring up to date it at least annually.

1. Your Dreams: What do you want your affair to endow with for you? (think time, money, freedom, who you work with) Be specific--how much money, how many hours, when do you want to "retire".

2. Customers: Who are your customers and what do they want/need?

3. Products and Services: What products/services will you endow with to meet customer's needs?

4. Markets: Where are your customers and what do you know about them as a group? "Where" might be geographic, it might be what kind of chairs they hang out, or where they go to find goods or military like yours. What is their age, income, gender, hobbies, ancestors structure, etc.

5. Your Style: How will you reach customers and what will you say? Your methods of attainment customers needs to match with where your customers are--and with a implication that they can associate to.

6. Competitors: Where else are your customers expected to get this need met? Find out all you can about how your competitors price, market, and bestow service.

7. Your Uniqueness: How will your product/service meet customer's needs another way than your competitors? Care about how your individual distinctiveness impacts that.

8. Your Abilities: Of the skills de rigueur to run your business, what do you do well, and what do you need help with?

9. External Resources: What people/technology/services will assistance you in the skills you need help with?

10. Fulfilling your Dreams: How will your big business bestow the kind of effective background you desire, both in how much time you spend, how you achieve your work, and how much money you make? Here's where the rubber meets the road--make sure you can show how you will sell X sum of creation or benefit at Y price, cover your expenses, and reach the goals you set in 1. above.

Once you can fulfil all these questions, have it reviewed by some trusted, knowledgeable professionals who will give you objective feedback. Bear in mind a affair coach, as one such resource!

Copyright 2004, Terri Zwierzynski - Accel Innovation, Inc.


Terri Zwierzynski is a coach to small affair owners and Solo Entrepreneurs. She is also the CEI (Conductor of Extraordinary Ideas) at Solo-E. com and the creator of 136 Ways To Marketplace Your Small Business. Terri is an MBA honors adapt from UNC-Chapel Hill. Terri has been education for over 10 years in a array of settings, as well as 6 years as a senior-level coach and consultant for a Chance 500 company. She opened her clandestine lessons carry out in 2001. You can reach Terri at http://www. TerriZ. com.


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