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Do you carry on your affair as a progression of projects, using cast management tools and skills to build up your projects from conception to completion? Or i don't know you're new to cast management tools and skills and haven't well thought-out applying them to your own business? Most of us fall anywhere in between.

Running a productive and able business, whether for one character or for 500, is a cycle of projects of a range of sizes and complexity.

For example, here are some projects a archetypal solopreneur may have:

-- Creating/upgrading your commerce distinctiveness (logo, stationery, biz cards, etc)

-- Creating/upgrading your web site

-- Backdrop up or upgrading your central processing unit equipment

-- Location up or reorganizing your filing system(s) whether computer-based or paper-based

-- Doing your tax reports

-- Creating your marketing recommendation engine

-- Creating passive-income revenue streams (teleclasses, ebooks, e-classes, white papers, reports, etc)

If you aren't using assignment management tools and skills to run your business, your productivity is suffering.

Now, if you don't have a full client/work load, then i don't know you don't think this is an issue you need to be apprehensive with right now. May I offer to you the evocation that the time to amplify your efficiency and productivity with new tools and skills is exactly when you don't have all the clients or work you want or need?

Learning a little new like this helps keep your enthusiasim charged, which spills over into your marketing activities, which helps engage your prospects in your business. It's all good.

So where do you start?

I counsel that my clients start by using TraxTime, a hardly PC central processing unit course free on a shoestring at www. spudcity. com.

TraxTime allows you to setup projects or clients and then track the sum of time you are expenses on that endeavor or for that client. You can run information (which are great for attaching to your invoices) of how much time you've spent by day or by week.

TraxTime functions like a barely time clock you just punch in and punch out of the a range of projects and clients as you move from assignment to endeavor all over your day. When you get in the habit of using TraxTime, you'll find you can then evaluate how/where you are expenditure your time quite the eye-opener for many solopreneurs. (Where you essentially are costs your time can be quite altered from where you think you are expenditure your time. And in the soloprenuering business, time is our most dangerous resource. )

Then what?

Once you get the hang of tracking your time, you next use this annals of how much time it takes for you to act a number of tasks and projects to begin forcasting the time you will spend on forthcoming projects and tasks.

For forcasting, task craving identification, and scheduling, I use an Excel table in its most basic text-only format. I associate all the tasks in a assignment and enter them into the database in feature 1 in the order (from top to bottom) of how they must be completed. Then I use the cells diagonally each row to enumerate the due dates (via time allocated). I aloofness the last discourse of the table for demo notes of elite situation or decisions that have or will change that task. And I use color to highlight those cells where tasks are crucial (yellow) or off-schedule (red). Works great for most solopreneuring projects.

I've used this fashion for projects as center as requiring me to track the work of 12 subcontractors, so I know it works. (Yes, I've used Microsoft Project. I find it too cumbersome to setup and administer for most projects performed by solopreneurs. But if you previously know/use it, entertain continue. )

No affair which endeavor management tools you use in your business, do start assessment like a endeavor administrator and backdrop up, tracking, and administration your big business as the chain of projects it especially is.

Copyright 2004, Rose Hill, Inc


Rose Hill, Come to grief and Owner,of Biz Whiz Authority (http://www. SoloBizVille. com) and Team Appendage of Solo-E. Com (http://www. Solo-E. Com) has been self-employed since 1990 - first as a mechanical essayist and publications cast manager, and now as a big business coach for solopreneurs.

Knowing how to run corporate departments and how to promote corporate entities, products, and army did nonentity to coach her for lucratively consecutively and marketing a one-person business. That is why Rose bent the SoloBizVille and SoloBizU area - to expressly to help solo entrepreneurs jumpstart their affair accomplishment lacking all the trial-and-error learning.


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