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Carwash guide experiment outline - small-business


Car wash businesses are distinctive to other businesses. In fact they are about as exceptional as the many atypical type of vehicles one is asked to wash. Many vehicles are best cleaned using to some extent assorted techniques. If you own a carwash or a cellular phone car wash you will need an operations handbook to assist your managers in staying efficient.

Below is a example outline we used in creating our washing modus operandi manuals in our company; www. carwashguys. com. You are acceptable to have this outline to help you build a set of World Class Washing Procedures for your company. Here is what I recommend; First, print this clause and then go because of each item and clarify if it is appropriate to your company. If it is keep it, if not cross it out. Add in the margins added items you know for a fact you also have or will be asked to clean. Once this is done attach the outline at once and then for each item left behind and those new items you have added write 3-5 paragraphs of your own data of how best to clean each type of vehicle. When you have done the complete list and it will take you a good chunk of time, i don't know 8-10 solid hours of copy and belief you will have produced a very nice rough draft. If you find your mind is heartbreaking all through the area of interest nearer than you can write or type, then talk the procedures into a tape recorder or digital recorder. Next article Now you have the makings of an exceptional rough draft, constrict it up a bit, add in some graphics and you have physically a new carwash operations handbook divide for washing procedures.



A. Assorted Cars

B. Conditions

C. Style

D. Etc.

II. Not public CARS

A. Cars (Interior)

1. Vacuuming

2. Windows

3. Dash Boards

4. Fragrance

5. Shampooing

B. Cars (Exterior)

1. Washing

2. Soaping

3. Wheels

4. Tires/Whitewalls

5. Drying

6. Towel Count

7. Bugs

8. Road tar

9. Brake Dust

10. Road Paint

11. Overspray

12. Oxidation

13. Windows

14. Mirrors

C. Cars (Common Mistakes)

1. Front Spoiler

2. Mirrors

3. Body Trim

4. Bumpers

5. Drying

6. Whitewalls

7. Paint Peeling

8. End Doors

9. Rolling Up Windows

10. Windshield Wipers

11. Rear View Window

12. Vacuuming Ashtrays

13. Hand Rests

14. Etc.

D. Mini-Vans And Advantage Vehicles (Interior)

1. Kids And Vacuuming

2. Windows/Tint

3. Other

E. Mini-Vans And Advantage Vehicles (Exterior)

1. Wheel Wells/Brake Dust

2. Washing

3. Soaping

4. White walls

5. Blasting Tires

6. Drying

7. Elite Circumstances

F. Collective Mistakes (Mini-Vans And Convenience Vehicles)

1. Durable On Car

2. Accomplishment The Roof

3. Concentrate Of Front Window

4. Rear Window

5. Top Of Vehicle

G. Pick-Ups (Exterior)

1. Shells

2. Wheel Wells

3. Tires

4. Rims

5. Leaking

H. Motorhomes (Exterior)

1. Top

2. Sides

3. Front

4. Back

5. Windows

6. Vents

7. Stripes

8. Box Doors

9. Roll-Up Awnings

10. Water Drip Lines

11. Etc.

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