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Motorbike detailing procedures blue-collar experiment outline - small-business


If you are a dirt bike detailer and need to increase your affair you will need to have numerous crews operational for you. Each team will need a team guide and/or manager. The bike crowd is certainly a close nit bunch and groups of riders will bestow you with endless referrals as long as you do what you say you are going to do and lay off the BS. We just do not need any more wannabe, fast-talking, no carrying out dirt bike detailers in the field.

To assure that the washing, cleaning and waxing procedures are followed so that the attribute carcass high you will need to put at once a set of act manuals. Below you will see a basic outline, which will help you in your bike detailing big business to aim a absolute set of procedures to indemnify the profitable flow of high-end referrals.

I advise that you print this clause and add whatever thing else to it you can think of and cross off any items on the outline, which do not be appropriate to your business. Next for each numbered and lettered item scheduled write three to five paragraphs on the topic. Once this is concluded you will have a very good rough draft of a motorcycle-detailing manual. Once you have it perfected type it into a word computer and put some cool graphics with it and hand it out to your crews.

A. Motorcycles

1. Japanese Bikes With Fairings

2. Older Bikes

3. Basic Motorcycle

4. Harley Davidson

a. Chrome

b. Glut Water

c. Logos

d. Leather

e. Owners

f. Miscellaneous

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