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-- Edifice Credibility All through Sensation Stories --

Successful solo entrepreneurs spend quite a bit of time shop and getting bigger their networks. These networks can cover a broad spectrum - expert associations, area service, drill or former students networks, virtual communities, healthy groups, district associations. There are a array of choices when creating our aid system.

What they all have in communal is this: we engage in the same bustle - association building. We may meet face to face, over the cell phone or online. We argument pleasantries, information, referrals or funds and in doing so, strengthen the bonds with persons and the whole organization. What is not quite as communal in our exchanges is the use of a individual or affair hit story. A sensation story has a bend in half message: it highlights a definite action that we accomplished or ceremony that we do AND it communicates a distinguishing level of achievement. Both mail serve to build credibility with the listener, which in turn builds trust.

Success stories need not be complex or lengthy. Here are a few considerations when preparing your own.

Be Proud About It - A good hit story translates as truly authentic when you feel proud to share it. "I am so elated that I was able to save my client $5,000. " -a Fiscal Military Representative

Be Arranged - Think all the way through your list of hot affair achievements, honors, awards or authority certifications that represents a touch you are proud of and demonstrates an achievement. Then cliquey one or two to share with your contacts at an apt time.

Be Specific - Illustrate closely what consequence or assistance that you delivered or the type of honor or documentation that you received. "I a moment ago accomplished the necessities for the Master Licensed Coach designation. " - a Big business and Delicate Coach

Make It Current - Be cautious to use situations or dealings that occurred in the past six months. This keeps it in the grouping of "news" that your listener may be attracted to know.

Keep It Brief - A few good sentences about the award or big business achievement is all it takes. No need to dominate an exchange.

The next time that you cooperate with a client, colleague, associate or category member, try blowing your own horn. Comic Will Rogers said, "It ain't bigheaded if you done it. "

Copyright 2003, Charlotte Farrior


Charlotte Farrior of Schooling Correlation (http://www. corporatecoaching101. com) and Founder/Team Appendage of Solo-E (http://www. Solo-E. com) is a corporate and expert coach. She works with professionals, entrepreneurs, directors, and executives to circumscribe and do the own and affair goals they set for themselves. She coaches in the areas of goal setting, skill development, priority management and career transitions.


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