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Due to the over adaptation in the Franchising Conscientiousness and the lawsuit it is chief to keep flawless records. From the first phone call, email to the signing of the area monopoly accord the lot be supposed to be documented. Below is a checklist we produced for our charter ballet company and one I wish you would believe when creating your own. I advise you copy this critique and then adapt it to fit your affair model.

You must be au fait with that exclusive of appropriate certification you might find your business knotted in empty and wasteful court case in its place of payments the time on going up your bazaar share and brand name. Below is our experiment checklist we use at the Car Wash Guys, you may have this and amend it at will, I dismiss any copyrights to you. Now commit to memory our Authorize is a area of expertise type business, cell phone car wash and the franchisee must be in exceptional brute condition, where as your commerce model may wish to check out for other things.

1. Cell phone Interview with Come to nothing or Designated Person. (Minimum 30 min. ) Gracious conversation; Lots of listening. Notes will be taken on "Pre-Screening Phone Worksheet". This database will be kept in a file if prospective franchisee is qualified. A resume will be asked for at this point. It be supposed to be faxed or mailed to headquarters. If none is available, one will be produced from the phone interview.

2. Resume Is Reviewed and compared to notes from phone interview for consistency. If it is acceptable, then we proceed. If it is not, deal with ends here. If, for the duration of the phone interview we bent a resume for the prospective franchisee, it will be mailed to them so they can use it in their next interview. We will also send a copy to A Agree to Employment Agency, a circle with whom we network. They in turn will send us authorized prospects.

3. Timed Run is performed by prospective franchisee. Designated Anyone will time prospective franchisee on a in a row track. He or she must run one mile in under 7:30 minutes. "Timed Run Form" will be signed and dated by both prospective franchisee and Designated Person. If , He or she fails test, they will be given a exercises schedule based on their definite time. They may try again in two weeks, or when they feel ready.

4. Ride Along with a crew. Two crews will be assigned to a new prospective franchisee. After the run, on the same day, prospective franchisee will spend all day selection a crew.

Second Ride Along will occur the subsequent day with a atypical crew to confirm that the prospective franchisee understands how much work there is.

5. File Is Fashioned in prospective franchisee's name. Incorporated are: Pre-Screening Phone Worksheet, Resume, Timed Run Form, Ride Along with Summaries from Crews. This checklist will be paper clipped to front of file.

6. Dispatch Of Intent is asked for from prospective franchisee. When customary it is put in file and "Request to Join Team" form is sent out.

7. Ask for To Join Team Form is mailed to prospective franchisee. It must be mailed back in 15 days or prospective franchisee must go back and work on a third crew for one day. Dilly-dallying means they are not quite sure yet or they anecdotal information.

8. Reviewing Of Application To Join Team Form will be screened by two Ride Along Crew managers and three other franchisees or autonomous contractors, a woman not connected with our company, a Attribute Be in command of consultant, a patron or the founder. All associates Complex get one vote but Founder; he gets three. (Unless there is a third Ride Along Crew, then he gets only two). Prospective Franchisee must have 2/3rds. (12 Total, 8 to win!)

9. Application To Join Team Form Is Faxed to our darling hire circle if they will be borrowing to buy the authorize or Wells Fargo Bank where the acclaim card dealing out will be done. Let business will advise us if prospective franchisee is accept laudable and fax us a TRW print out. Wells Fargo will do a credentials check and see if prospective franchisee qualifies for a mercantile account.

10. Broad Circumstances Check will be done by a contracted clandestine investigation firm. Check will include: FBI Report, Court Records, etc. He/she must pass or other measures must be made.

11. Meet With Prospective Franchisee - This will be the first allowed one on one meeting. Award at this conference will be prospective franchisee, and his advisors, spouse, parents, investors, etc. Also present: Come to nothing or Designated Being and eight other associates, members of the Executive Board and franchisees or autonomous contractors.

12. Vote On Prospective Franchisee to ascertain if prospective franchisee is good enough. All in a row will be on the table, literally. On the table will be: Acclaim Report, Wells Fargo Authorization Application, Letting Business Tentative Approval, FBI Report, Court Records, Communication of Intent, Etc. He/she will be able to defend themselves anti idle talk or false in sequence on calm documents. Other items on table will be Pre-Screening Phone Worksheet, Resume, Timed Run Form, Ride Along Summaries and of course, The Appeal To Join Our Team Document. All nine ancestors vote; Anybody absent will have their vote replaced by Come to grief or Designated Person. (2/3rds to win)

13. Agreement will initiate a allotment of agreements for the prospective franchisee to sign:

Franchise Agreement

Franchise Donation Circular

Leasing Attention for Equipment

Cellular Agreement

Supply Ordering Agreement

Non-Disclosure Agreement

Bank Balance Forms & Trade Checking account Agreement

Non-Competition Of Other Franchisees Promise

Fictious Name Statement

Document Receipt Form.

14. Frequent of Forms - The prospective franchisee will come back signed forms. No payment may be taken for 10 affair days. We will use fifteen days to be safe. He/she may be located in education until then.

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