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If you anticipate to area monopoly your ballet company you will need to aim a bullet proof exercise band for your new franchisees. This is above and clear of the instruction code you will aim for them to administer to their new employees. Consider when exercise new franchisees it is comparable to guidance new managers for any Corporation's outlets. The discrepancy of avenue being that the Franchisee in a Franchised Band has a lot more at stake and will be twice as motivated as an be around director of a corporate Store.

Below entertain find a brief outline to help you blueprint your Franchisee Instruction Program. Now then entertain apprehend that our outline will be to some extent dissimilar to your exercise code and you will need to adapt your outline to fit your exact big business model this outline calculated by me is for a Cellular phone Car Wash Franchise, The Car Wash Guys, and it is for a cell phone home based advantage business. I commend that you copy this condition and alter the outline below to best fit your business. Then secondly I advise that your write five paragraphs for each item below and then type them up as a rough draft for your own hope exercise manual.


I. Education At Headquarters

A. Establishment And Tour Of Headquarters

B. Description Of Truck And Apparatus Capabilities

C. Establishment And Description Of CPU System

D. Description Of Car Wash Foodstuffs And Capabilities

E. Confidential Operations Handbook - How To Use

F. How To Wash A choice of Types Of Vehicles

G. Motivational Talk

II. Instruction In Your Complete Territory

A. Fleet Sales Training

B. Client Recruitment, Route Set Up And Scheduling

C. Paging Classification Overview

D. On The Spot Up-Selling

E. Data Base Entry

F. Co-Op Marketing

G. Battle Awareness

H. Fax, E-Mail And Internet Marketing

I. Industry With City Hall

J. Member of staff Recruitment And Procedures

K. Fundraising Event Procedures

L. CPU Consultation And Set Up

M. Motivational Pep Talk

N. Accounting And Administration

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