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As an Investment Agent you've worked hard to build trust with your hostel clients. Now, you can go hard that long term affiliation with your expertise on one of the best fears of small commerce retirement plan sponsors.

Next to an audit, nonentity frightens retirement plan sponsors more than a notification epistle from the Dept of Labor regarding inadequacies in their responses on the Form 5500 or 5500-EZ filing. Inadequacies that, if not corrected within 30 days of the date of the letter, would business the plan sponsor to considerable fines and penalties, not only from the Dept of Labor but from the IRS as well.

Following is a inventory of the most communal filing errors that will engender a communication from the Dept of Labor.

1. The Form 5500 Must Be By the book Signed And Dated

Make sure that you have the apposite signatures by the Employer and Plan Bureaucrat and dates on the Form 5500, Form 5500-EZ, and any friendly schedules that command a signature (Schedules B: Actuary; P: Trustee; and Schedule SSA; Plan Administrator).

2. The Form 5550 Must Have The Apposite EIN And Plan Digit (PN)

It is analytical that the Employer Identification Digit EIN) used to categorize the "plan sponsor" be the same year to year when finishing line 2b of the Form 5500 or Form 5500EZ.

3. The Form 5500 Filing May Not Be For A Age Superior Than 12 Months

Be a selection of the time dot entered in Part I of the Form 5500 is not better than twelve months. If the plan is not coverage on a calendar year basis, then input the twelve-month economic year episode in the sitting room provided.

4. Use A Appropriate Big business Code When Implementation Line 2d Of The Form 5500

On Form 5500, Line 2d, be a variety of to enter a valid affair code that best describes the character of the plan sponsor's business. The only affair codes that are valid for use in answering Line 2d are planned in the Form 5500 filing commands divide up discernible "Codes for Principal Affair Activity".

5 Use The Accurate Plan Characteristics Codes On Line 8 Of The Form 5500.

On Form 5500, Line 8, you must check box A to be a symptom of if the plan is as long as boarding house benefits. You must enter the Plan Characteristics Codes in the space provided beneath box A. These codes explain the type of hostel payback provided and other skin texture of the plan. A list and class of the Plan Characteristics Codes is in Division 6 of the Directions for Form 5500.

6. As it should be Associate The Funding And Charity performance Planning On Line 9 Of The Form 5500

Indicate all the apposite Funding and Assistance Planning on Form 5500, Lines 9a and 9b. The "Funding Arrangement" is the approach used for the receipt, holding, investment, and transfer of funds of plan assets prior to the time the plan in fact provides benefits. The "Benefit Arrangement" is the fashion by which the plan provides payback to participants. The responses on Lines 9a and 9b are cross-referenced aligned with in order on Schedules H, I, and/or A as appropriate. Be assiduous to append the apt pecuniary or indemnity schedule (H, I, A) that corresponds to the Allowance and Funding Measures you indicate.

7. File All The Mandatory Schedules And Attachments With Your Form 5500

Make sure you are filing all the mandatory schedules and attachments with your Form 5500. If you check a box indicating that a schedule is attached, the schedule must be submitted with your Form 5500.

8. Schedule R And Distributions

You must cook Schedule R only if there are any distributions or rollovers from the plan. You must enter both the EIN of the delivery payer and the EIN of the boarding house plan. Part 3 is only for money acquisition plans that have made lone sum distributions.

9. File The Correct Fiscal In rank Schedule (H or I) With Your Form 5500.

Make sure you file the apposite Economic In a row Schedule with your Form 5500. The Schedule H is for "large plan" filers in the main plans with 100 or more participants at the establishment of the plan year). The Schedule I is for "small plan" filers commonly plans with fewer than 100 participants at the activation of the plan year).

10. Absolute the Participant Charity performance In a row on the Schedule SSA

Make sure that you list all of the terminated participants with their vested balances from the prior year that still have not been paid. Initial with the 2004 filing year, sponsors are essential to list participants, earlier outstanding, who have been subsequently paid.

When your client calls, anxious of a doable Dept of Labor fine, you can build long term credibility by charming accuse of as the amendment is made by the preparer. Change for the better still, appraisal or have an connoisseur review, the Form 5500 ahead of the client sends the forms into the Dept of Labor and save your client in receipt of any communication at all. Calendar year plans Form 5500 EZ and Form 5500 with correlated schedules are due by July 31, each year.

Lawrence Groves is the Boss of the small big business retirement dealing out army for the Retirement Group with the Solo 401k admin agenda at http://www. solo-k. com and the exceptional 401(k) "Free for Three" ? dealing out program.

Lawrence comes to his clients with over 25 years as an skilled connoisseur in plan design, administration, and compliance. Lawrence works close up with for profit, non-profit, and administration agencies on 401(k), 403(b), 457, Profit Sharing, and Puerto Rican 165(e) small big business plans.

Lawrence can be reached at Lawrence@solo-k. com or 727. 844. 7000


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