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To buy a fat pig - small-business


What does exchange a fat pig have to do with your business? Stick with me and all will be revealed.

Does your commerce have a tactical and a strategic way to go to market? Let's go down to Mr. Hoover's exterminate shop to see how it's done.

Mr. Hoover has been advertising bacon and other pig food for years. That's cute tactical, but can answer in a good lifelong earnings stream. A lot of customers come in week after week to buy their bacon and ham and pork loin, after all.

But Mr. Hoover wants to arise an added pay stream. What, he wonders, if he could get associates to buy the whole pig ahead of time.

And, maybe, he also could get customers to pay for a pig on the part plan.

Then, Mr. Hoover could give to buy more pigs essentially for nothing. Customers would be paying for the upkeep. And, Mr. Hoover could even own a stud pig that he "rents" to other pig farmers. Yet a different earnings stream. Sweet!

My tactical tool - or bacon - is email newsletters and marketing programs aimed at patron withholding and loyalty. Once I'm in the door with email, I can acquire a client bond that later allows me to sell the whole pig.

I considered my affair this way from the start so I'd have a lifelong earnings stream. Then, I could concentrate on what I exceedingly like to do: promotion for my part as a strategic partner who can help a big business build its positioning statement, fully circumscribe its audiences and advance and apply a more ample data lines course that has floor line impact. That's my fat pig.

Have you brain wave about your affair that way? What's your fat pig?

Harry Hoover is supervision principal of Hoover ink PR. He has 26 years of come across in crafting and delivering base line letters that make sure accomplishment for critical businesses like Brent Dees Monetary Planning, Focus Four, Levolor, New World Mortgage, North Carolina Tourism, TeamHeidi, Ty Boyd Executive Culture Systems, VELUX, and Verbatim.


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