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What your small affair can learn from the physician - small-business


Most doctors never decide the change concerning customers and patients. That's why they have before you rooms as a replacement for of clarity areas.

Walk into most any doctor's company and you'll see frequent chairs -- typically full of ancestors coming up to see the physician -- and signs that tell you what you can't do or must do (e. g. , you must wait 3 days for a referral, you must acquaint with co-pay ahead of as the doctor).

On top of that, doctors have the best gatekeeper's in the world -- not to keep salespeople away, but to keep the patients (customers) at bay.

What other big business could not only continue but flourish by conducting themselves the way many doctor's offices do? Not many if any at all. You definitely couldn't keep my clients coming up exterior your commerce for an hour when they have an appointment -- you'd be out of business!

So what can your small affair learn from this?

- If you have a cocktail party area, make sure your clients or customers are made to feel like they are critical to your business. This area ought to match the look and feel of what your circle values.

- It's a good thing to have policies and procedures, but don't post it on signs all about your administrative center for the world to see.

- Make sure the first character your customers find when they visit your bureau is the "Creator of Great First Impressions," not the gatekeeper.

Denise O'Berry helps small affair owners take battle to grow their business. Find out more at http://www. smallbusinessmatters. com


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