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You may find this Newsletter a a small amount long winded but it's for a good cause: It's all calculated for Your Success!

One of my darling quotation marks is by Alfred d'Souza. It goes like this:

"For a long time it had seemed to me that life was about to begin, real life. But there was at all times some barrier in the way, a bit to be got by means of first, some unfinished business, time still to be served, a debt to be paid. Then life would begin. At last it dawned on me that these obstacles were my life. " - Alfred d'Souza

What I love about the above quote is that it has a very biting yet well concealed idea in it.

Let me endeavor to have you get it!

Any big business that belongs to you is change for the better than any job where all you end up doing is building a big cheese else's dreams come true at your expense.

However, where most associates fail in business, as in Life, is when they find themselves before you for their issues to get handled ahead of ever even initial on their own road concerning their very own dreams and aspirations.

You see; most citizens fail in affair for the reason that they never get on track in the first place. "there was at all times some complication in the way, amazing to be got because of first"

Hence they shut down their endeavor prematurely, by hook or by crook explanatory the act since of some fact that was in the way (not an adequate amount of money, encounter etc. ) Yet, they fail to appreciate that this wasn't a touch new in their lives.

They get sucked in to the drift of being human. They give up! They abandon ship!

Most small affair opportunities start-up as solutions motivated projects, backed by much enthusiasm. Yet they end up as "just a new string" of procedures and small bursts of tricks (brilliantly executed with much hit I might add) finale by building yet a new "almost lucrative entrepreneur" right about his or her failure.

I have been running carefully with YOU for many years now and this, I have naked to be true.

The real challenge with small affair opportunities as disparate to big big business opportunities is that; with a small business, less is at stake assembly it easy to give up.

Big commerce means privileged stakes. You can't walk away for big affair the way you can from small businesses. There basically is no alternative to walk away. . .

Herein lies one of the best kept secrets in affair (there are many others but this is one of my favorites. I call it the "NO BACK DOOR" approach. It requires a inimitable dedication to maintenance your word. It also requires a auxiliary allegiance to custody that dedication of charge your word.

Once your dedication is in place, all you need to accomplish something is to commit to it "NO Be of importance WHAT". Hit is inevitable confidential this kind of commitment. Bankruptcy (the back door in this case) is just not an option. You are doomed to honor your WORD as YOUR SELF and you give your word to yourself.

"Yeah right", you say!
Yup! That's right!

At least, I have faith in it to be one of the most profound truths about business. . . and accomplishment in Life for that matter.

So how does one apply a truth such as this in real Life?

First, there must exist "thinking" (and I mean first thought), not all this baloney that you and I call thinking.

I refered, in an at an earlier time Newsletter, to that "little voice" we snoop to while we shower in the morning. The joke is that we have faith in these (automatic) judgment to be thinking.

Sorry guys and girls! These are just thoughts. Quite altered from thinking! Yours and my automaticity is our worst enemy as entrepreneurs. We must find a way to break the drift (of these thoughts) and exchange it with a new kind of thinking. The kind of idea that wasn't going to crop up anyway. Therein lies, I believe, many more ideas and clandestine keys to lead you to anything level of achievement you desire.

At this point, I'd like to share some guidance, some deep-seated laws of affair that if you put a barely heart and lots of idea into them, you will find physically supercharged for success.

Small Commerce Opportunities are all over the place to be found. Doesn't matter what commerce opportunities be a magnet for you, consider to apply some blonde rules. I must thank Quincy Scarborough for his great insights into the subsequent passages.

Here are a few:


Expect Precariousness - We are witnessing an exponential amplify in the velocity, complexity, and fickleness of change. This augment creates a hyper-competitive intercontinental location that bears diminutive resemblance to the one that existed even five years ago.

Invent New Rules - Cook up your own and make others admire you! Competitive reward and profits will feel right to innovators who go beyond the obtainable parameters of competition.

Innovate or Die - Advance conscious strategies and mechanisms to promote dependable innovation. Resting on your success is cleanly not an option: winners are innovating and surpassing themselves constantly.

Break Barriers - 21st Century companies must take apart the home barriers that so often break away people, departments and disciplines. The boundaries concerning firms and their exterior suppliers, customers and at times even competitors are also under acute pressure.

Be Fast - Implementation is the whole lot and it develop be fast. These days it's far develop to be 80 percent right and quick than 100 percent and three months late.

Think Like an Industrialist - The days of depending on corporate size and reputation to drop opportunities in your lap are over. Entrepreneurs go out and make equipment come about and allow themselves to fail and better as of it.

Think Large-scale - The best developing markets in the world today are exterior North America. Companies can and do now shop in a free comprehensive supermarket for just about everything.

Keep Erudition - At the end of the day, the only truly sustainable competitive benefit will be your capability to learn more rapidly and beat than your competitors, and to turn that education into new products, army and technologies beforehand your competitors can copy your last innovation.

Measure Act Another way - Concentrate on key strategic and profitability drivers, ones that divulge the underlying dynamics of your business, focus your energy on what actually drives the coming hit of your business.

Be Nice - The place to build up the world is first in one's own heart and hands and then work external from there. If we advance ourselves by doing good for others, we build a solid conduit for achievement in the 21st century.


Your Focus Needs to be Clear-cut and Clear - Think transparent. What you are aiming for ought to be obvious. Ambiguity has no place in your success

Your Focus Needs to be Memorable - Your mind must be stimulated by the negligible of coincidences, even if you are not idea about your goals at the time.

Your Focus Needs to be Authoritative - Power comes from clarity. The clearer you are about what you want, the more individual power you acquire and the more thrilled you are to accomplish it.

Your Focus Needs an Enemy -At each instant you are heartbreaking each about or away from your goals. In add-on to your desires, the equipment that move you away such as bad habits, competition, or the intimidation of patchiness are the enemies you need in order to keep you motivated to do right or better.

Your Focus Needs Short and Long Term Objectives - Long-term focus and preparation is more about appreciation the cost and brunt of short-term focus and decisions than about long term decisions themselves. You need a fit abide by and accepting of the two.

Your Focus Will Not Allure to All and sundry - Lucrative is another to each individual. Don't be bowled over if you accept resistance to your goals. Advance yet, assume it!

Your Focus Will Not Be At once Flourishing - Life is a process, not an event. Assert affordable expectations. Rome wasn't built in a day, and they were using local talent.

Your Focus is Not a Artifact - The hand can not touch your focus, only your heart. Concentrate on the payback received, the atmosphere enjoyed. That's what matters most!

Your Focus Does Not Come Devoid of a Price - Achievement requires many things. Sacrifice is one of them. Be all set do what you have to do to accomplish your goals.

Your Focus is Not Everlastingly - The whole lot changes. There is a shelf life, even to your goals.


Thou Shall Be Clear-thinking - Achievement is a choice. You must choose what you want, why you want it, and how you plan to do it. No one else can, will, or must do that for you

Thou Shall Stay Alert - A close family member to being decisive, but your capability to sustain your focus from establishment to end determines the timing and clause of your outcomes.

Thou Shall Accept Breakdown - The deep cast doubt on is not whether you be supposed to admit failure. You have no amount but to assume it as a acting clause on the lane of progress. Rather, the difficulty is how to anticipate bankruptcy and redirect assets to grow from the experience.

Thou Shall Write Down Thou Goals - Your mind while blessed with enduring recall is cursed with lousy recall. Associates not recall things. Avoid the temptation of being cute; Write down your goals.

Thou Shall Plan Completely - Preparation saves 10 to 1 in execution. Accurate arrangement prevents poor performance.

Thou Shall Absorb Others - Nonentity goes all the way through life alone. Create your own "Personal Board of Directors", associates whose wisdom, awareness and atmosphere you abide by to help you attain your goals.

Thou Shall Take Considerable Achievement - Hit is not a bystander sport - achievement anxiety action. You cannot count on to be delivered at hit lacking having made the trip.

Thou Shall Reward Thyself - Rewards work! Think of what you will give manually as a consequence of your hard work, focus and determination - you deserve it!

Thou Shall Inspect What Thou Anticipate - The Shelf life of all plans is limited. No plan holds up adjacent to opposition. The lot changes. Consequently inspect habitually and closely, it's an cover certificate on your success.

Thou Shall Assert Individual Integrity - Avow your binder to your commitment. Set your goals, assure manually that you will complete them. Eliminate jiggle room and excuses. That's delicate integrity!


Write It Down - Goals are specific, measurable, and time-bounded. Write your goals so that they chew on all three components.

List Your Own Payback - Categorize closely "Why" you want to attain this goal. List all the ways you will you allowance personally.

Analyze Your Flow Arrangement - Sensation is in order dependent. You need integrity in your information. Categorize closely your aspect strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities as it relates to achieving this goal.

Identify Obstacles and Risks - List all that could probably avert you from achieving this goal.

Identify Hoard and Sacrifices - List everything, as well as time, money, and sacrifices that you can anticipate.

Knowledge Rations - Classify what bonus acquaintance you need to buy or have admission to.

Support Team - List the people, groups, and organizations you may need help from as well as the certain role each one plays.

Develop Your Plan - List in in order order each action and their corresponding affect dates for completion. Use all the in order gathered in earlier steps to build your plan.

Set a Deadline - Affect on what date you will do this goal

Reward and Celebrate - Associate your reward for the achievement of this goal. You deserve it!


Goal Backdrop is Not That Important. Reality: Sensation Requires Goals - End of Story! A life of consequence needs goals and detail plans to accomplish them. Sensation does not ensue by accident.

Goal Backdrop is Arduous and Takes Too Much Time. Reality: Accomplishment is accelerated by time invested in strategy. The game of life is won after the scenes, in time spent on preparation.

New Years is the Best Time To Set Goals. Reality: There's no develop time than now to take charge of your life. Goal Location is not about timing it's about decision. This life is not a dress rehearsal; it's the only one you've got.

Goals Don't Need To Be Written. You Can Keep Them In Your Head. Reality: Printed goals filter thinking, objectify their potential, and buttress commitment. The palest ink is change for the better than the strongest memory. Your mind can only take in new in order at the deprivation of behind old.

Long-Term Forecast Is A Waste of Time. Reality: Your Forthcoming deserves consideration. It will soon be your at hand reality. It's worth bearing in mind seriously.

A Good Plan Is All You Need To Be Successful. Reality: Accomplishment is active, not passive. All plans call for action. Homework is no Proxy for action. Commit to the thinking of execute now - absolute later.

The Best Way To Attain a Goal Is To Just Begin. Reality: Battle devoid of arrangement is the root cause of most breakdown Accomplishment is a choice. With a plan to lead you, you can appear out how to get where you are going.

All It Takes is Hard Work To Accomplish Your Goals. Reality: Hard work is important, but running smart is mandatory. Quit annoying harder, look for new solutions, and you will accomplish far more in far less time with only a little of the energy you have been giving.

I Can Do It On My Own. I Don't Need Help. Reality: Sensation requires cooperation. Insignificant person does it alone. In order to do more you must learn to help yourself. Sensation requires the cooperation of others.

Goals Only Need to Be Reviewed Once a Year. Reality: Inspect what you expect. The lot changes. Your goals must keep shaping, shifting and flexing to fit these fast-changing times. Adopt a common and coherent Assess process.


Personal Change - The definite best investment any of us can ever make is in our own own development and development. The amassing of awareness means all to your future.

Excellent Animal Healthiness - Your body impacts the whole thing you do. Take good care of it because of apposite nourishment, application and rest.

Rest, Lessening and Rekindling - We must take good care of ourselves devoid of air guilty.

Building a Loving Children - Category is the emotional core of our lives. We be supposed to make continuous deposits into everyone's emotional bank account.

Intimate Relationships With Your Links - Surround manually with nutritious friends. Share by hand with them and let them share themselves with you.

Involvement In Your Area - The clarity of a life well lived must comprise a allegiance to helping others.

Excellence in Your Work - Build a reputation for excellence. A sincere dedication to merit is a noble goal.

Financial Abandon - Money is important. Bring to bear wisdom in all your economic dealings.

A Comfortable, Loving Home - The distinct largest investment most of us will ever make ought to be comfortable and lined with love.

Peace of Mind - There is no alternate for peace of mind. The whole thing you do any ropes it or takes away from it.


Taking Accomplishment Exclusive of Preparation - When it comes to your goals and future, impetuosity is the nurse of regret. Great belief must be given to the ends as well as the means of your strategy.

Planning Exclusive of Captivating Battle - Endless homework is worse than act exclusive of planning. Acknowledge that belongings will never be perfect. Questions will evermore exist. Plan well and launch!

Unrealistic Timeframes and Expectations - Life is a course not an event. Naught great was ever built easily. Assignment wisdom and learn to be patient. Sorry to say most belongings in life take longer and cost more than the best-laid plans anticipate.

Reasons "Why" Are Blurred - Why you want to complete a goal is more central than the goal itself. Already captivating achievement on no matter which it is imperative that you ask by hand this key question: "Why do I want to accomplish this goal?"

Denial of Authenticity - It's far easier to deny authenticity than it is too admit it. And far too many citizens take the easy way Sensation is in sequence dependent, when we deny authenticity for anything reason, we diminish the integrity of our information, thus ensuring failure.

Conflicting Morals - When we have not clarified our reasons why or definite what hit a celebrity else's definition. When that occurs morals are sure to be in conflict and development is short- circuited.

Diffusion of Energy - Attempting to do too much is a recipe for mediocrity. Fairly than doing an admirable job at a few preferred goals we apply our energies over a vast landscape and circulated what matters most; time and energy.

Lack of Focus - Achievement burden focus. It is the feature of all truly great people. Your aptitude to get and linger alert or lack there of is maybe the key determinant of your success.

Trying To Do It All Alone - Nonentity goes because of life alone, we all need the cooperation and assistance of others. Put your pride aside and learn to ask for help when you need it. Learn to force and share acquaintance for your own well being as well as for others who are reliant upon your cooperation.

Fear Of Failures - Fear of catastrophe is The "Grand Daddy" of them all. Far too many dreams have suffocated and died for the reason that of it. Fear resides where acquaintance does not exist; the more you know about something the less frightened that you feel. Change your fears with data and watch your accomplishment leap.

==>TEN INSIGHTS ON FAILURE Failure & Perception - Put breakdown in the right perspective, it's an occasion for regrouping and evaluation while patient the encounter as part of the journey of success. Rich education are the fruit of breakdown and your can extort them at will.

Failure & Alteration - Adjust depreciates the value of past information, thus assembly predictions difficult, ambiguous, and in the same way risky. In the apparition of change, you must alter your course-of-action to align with desired new realities.

Failure & Limitation - In a world of limitation, the deep difficulty is not whether ancestors must agree to failure. Rather, the ask is how to anticipate breakdown and redirect assets to grow from the experience.

Failure & In rank - In rank lack will at hand itself somewhere, somehow, sometime. The key is to learn from what this new closure teaches and avoid it, if at all possible, from event again.

Failure & Perfection - Perfection is unattainable, but breakdown is continually possible! Any guess as regards perfection stands at odds with the most deep-seated premise of success: closure is inevitable.

Failure & Development - Since the coming is so hard to predict, we must endeavor to perforate qualms fog as best we can. Your goal is to assessment and anticipate failures with all right precision.

Failure & Execution - Breakdown is not only the crop of an unsuccessful activity; it is also the input of a doing well one. Act only changes and improves to the amount that you adjust and improve.

Failure & Mistakes - Those with an eye for achievement counter first by anticipating mistakes. Second, we acknowledge accountability for them. Life is for education education and mistakes are some of your best teachers.

Failure & Concern - Some look at breakdown as an exceedingly blunt instrument and capitulation their dreams for the reason that of its capability consequences. Though tempting, do not allow the penalty of closure to harden your heart.

Failure & Development - The world is besieged with the victims of failure. Yet catastrophe leads to victory. Use each bankruptcy as opinion in your continual evolution concerning your goals. Our world is one of adjustment, of conflict, and of mutual gains and losses. In short, of catastrophe and progress.


Intellectual Curiosity: A passion to be au fait with the shifting military swirling about you, an enthusiasm to learn them faster, and credit that education is an everlasting journey.

Humility: A invasive acknowledgement that no one can have all the answers. You must have a keenness to learn from others.

Self-Criticism: A commonsense additional room of humility. A devoted questioning of conservative wisdom and a keen awareness that achievement always sows the seeds of failure.

A High Tolerance for Ambiguity, Complication and Change: Erudition is experimental. Boom on change; don't allow physically to be frightened by its rough and unpolished exterior. Complication and ambiguity are basically part of the 21st Century condition.

Experimentation: It is only by experimenting with new approaches, monitoring the outcome and incorporating the criticism into new initiatives that education takes place.

A Craving for Feedback: A honest excitement to reach out and get act advice from a category of sources, and a compliance to listen in to it and make changes.

Learning by Doing: Have a bias towards action. The use of real-world tests is a much more fruitful cause of erudition than abstract speculation.

An Appreciation for Closure and Mistakes: Knowledge is more a creation of breakdown than accomplishment will ever be. View experiments as desirable, mistakes as inevitable and failures as the raw protein de rigueur for success.

Systematic Methods of Data Assortment and Distribution: Intellectual center is hardly ever produced and communal by accident. Conscious mechanisms must be put in place to, acquire, disseminate, and influence knowledge.

Creative Self-Destruction: No gain lasts forever. Render manually obsolete ahead of others do it for you. It's the price world-class innovators gladly pay for staying ahead of the pack. Go out and multiply physically in 2005!

Best regards,

Peter Newell
Mission Marketing Global
pnewell@MissionMarketingGlobal. com

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INBiz, Indiana Small Business Development Center team up to help Hoosiers start businesses

INBiz and the Indiana Small Business Development Center are teaming up to help Hoosiers start businesses. The state agency, which has a local chapter in ...

Senators offer bill to protect small businesses from cyberattacks | TheHill  The Hill

Sens. Gary Peters (D-Mich.) and Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) introduced legislation Monday designed to protect small businesses from cyberattacks by making it easier ...

A better way to protect small businesses from cyberattacks | TheHill  The Hill

Cyberattacks – from data breaches to ransomware – are everywhere, and businesses of all sizes are suffering. Small businesses are among the biggest targets.

BNP Paribas Partners With Fintech Startup OneUp To Automate Cloud Banking For Small Businesses  Forbes

Atherton Research's Principal Analyst and Futurist Jeb Su takes a look at the decision by BNP Paribas, Europe's largest bank by assets, to partner with San ...

At town hall, Anderson County farmers, small business owners weigh in on road-fee plan  Anderson Independent Mail

As Anderson County Council considers whether it will implement a $25 road fee, the focus of the discussion this week turned to farmers and small business ...

Emeryville debates whether $16.30 minimum wage should apply to small businesses  KGO-TV

The Emeryville city council will decide Tuesday night whether to repeal an amendment that gives small businesses in the city an exemption from the paying ...

7 Basic Marketing Techniques for Small Businesses  Black Enterprise

Here are seven marketing techniques for small businesses that incorporate SEO, social media, and *content* marketing, and other basics.

Be A Champion For Small Business  Island Eye News

SCORE Charleston invites entrepreneurs, business owners, and local leaders to its 9th Annual Golf Tournament at the Charleston National Golf Club on ...

Wharton is closing its small business development center, the first in the state

The Wharton Small Business Development Center, which helped grow companies like Urban Outfitters, Sabre Systems and Destination Maternity, will be closing ...

How to Create a Filing System That Works for You  Small Business Trends

If you want your business to operate as efficiently as possible, you need to get organized. A simple filing system that's easy to keep up with can ensure that all of ...

Phishing Statistics: What an Attack Costs Your Business [INFOGRAPHIC]  Small Business Trends

A new infographic full of phishing statistics offers some great insights into this cyber threat and what you can do about it.

Lt. Gov. takes small business walk through Norwalk

NORWALK — The historic character of the buildings, the variety of restaurants and the construction activity in and around Washington Street were a few of the ...

Presidential Candidates Have Not Prioritized Small Business  Forbes

Few candidates are talking about small business loans, even though access to capital is the lifeblood of small business growth. Meanwhile, many of the ...

3 perks a small business can use to attract, retain employees  Fox Business

You have to be more creative than your bigger rivals.

%%title%%  Small Business Trends

They've cast the votes! They've tallied the ballots! And Small Business Trends proudly announces winning first place in the Freshest in Small Business Awards, ...

Marco Rubio, Gary Peters team on Small Business Cybersecurity Assistance Act  Sunshine State News

Marco Rubio, Gary Peters team on Small Business Cybersecurity Assistance Act.

Keep a Hard Copy of These 13 Business Documents  Small Business Trends

Without proper records, a company is just an idea in the owner's head. That's whay you should have these hard copy business documents on hand.

After ‘soul-searching’, Wharton closes business center where Urban Outfitters, Destination Maternity got their  The Philadelphia Inquirer

After nearly 40 years of providing free and low-cost support services to thousands of small businesses and entrepreneurs, the Wharton Small Business ...

Agencies Meet Small Business Contract Goals

Agencies fulfilling their obligations for awarding contracts to small businesses broke a record with $120 billion in awards in fiscal 2018, the Small Business ...

Legion testifies on challenges facing veteran-owned small businesses  The American Legion

Legion's testimony focused on the expansion of eligibility for Small Business Administration programs which permit loan assistance to businesses when ...

Radcliff Small Business Alliance welcomes J Sewing Shop  Elizabethtown News Enterprise

Submitted The Radcliff Small Business Alliance held a ribbon-cutting ceremony June 28 for J Sewing Shop on Wilson Road. Alliance President Pam de Roche ...

Competing Priorities Mean Security Risks for Small ...  Dark Reading

Small business IT professionals are trying to balance multiple priorities and finding that the balance often leaves the company with serious security risks.

Google launches a new portal for small businesses  TechCrunch

To celebrate International Small Business Day, Google today launched a new website that will suggest its products that seem like the best fit for a specific ...

Small business jobs: Owners are worried about hiring  Asbury Park Press

Small business owners, who have taken a conservative approach to hiring during the economic expansion, are becoming even more careful.

Ever Feel like Your Business is Allergic to Sales?  Small Business Trends

Mark Anderson's cartoons appear in publications including Forbes, The Wall Street Journal and Harvard Business Review. His business cartoons are available ...

23 small businesses win spots on $7.5B DISA IT contract  FedScoop

Twenty-three small businesses will engineer information technology innovations for the Defense Information Systems Agency, after winning spots on a maximum ...

CVCC Small Business Center to present seminar  Hickory Daily Record

HICKORY — The Catawba Valley Community College Small Business Center will present a no–cost “Using WordPress to Build Your Website” seminar on ...

US Rep. Bryan Steil's Bill To Help Small Business Find Investors Gets A House Vote  Wisconsin Public Radio News

The U.S. House of Representatives will vote Tuesday night on a bill from Republican Congressman Bryan Steil to help small businesses find investors.

Kabbage secures $200M to fuel its AI-based loans platform for small businesses  TechCrunch

Kabbage, the AI-based small business loans platform backed by SoftBank and others, is adding more firepower to its lending machine: the Atlanta-based startup ...

Democrat Buttigieg announces minority-focused small business investment plan  Reuters

Joining several other Democrats targeting black voters this weekend with economic proposals, presidential hopeful Pete Buttigieg released a policy on Sunday ...

DoD's plan to solve tech gaps: more small businesses  C4ISRNet

DISA is awarding 21 small businesses Systems Engineering, Technology and Innovation (SETI) contracts that could total $7.5 billion.

In the News: Federal Government Meets Small Business Contracting Goal  Small Business Trends

Every year the federal government awards more than $500 billion to businesses across the country to complete work on its behalf. And every year, the federal ...

PR On A Budget: Six DIY Tips For Small Businesses  Forbes

Though a PR campaign is often what's needed to raise their profile and revenue, startup companies and other smaller ventures often do not have the financial ...

Small Business Commission backs plans to charge consumers 25 cents per checkout bag  San Francisco Examiner

Despite concerns over financial impacts and a lack of data, the city's small business advisory panel this week threw its support behind Supervisor Vallie Brown's ...

Ntshavheni announces string of new initiatives to boost small business support  Ventureburn

The Minister of Small Business Development Khumbudzo Ntshavheni has announced a string of new initiatives, in what could be a major step to improving the ...

Sefa's Small Business and Innovation Fund to finance 100000 startups, SMEs  Ventureburn

SA small businesses will soon have access to a mixture of grants and loans from Sefa through a new fund that aims to finance 100 000 entrepreneurs.

Small and Medium-sized Financial Institutions: The Security Challenges They Face Each Day  Security Magazine

It's no secret that financial institutions are in criminals' crosshairs. This has been the story ever since people and organizations started putting their cash in the ...

Local Business Owners Blame Prop 47 for Increase of Shoplifters  NBC 7 San Diego

Small business owners in East County are sounding an alarm over thousands of dollars in losses to shoplifting, and say the thieves don't appear to be facing ...

Small business owner Diane Matzner opens second Cambria shop  New Times SLO

Diane Matzner has been a small business retail owner and operator for three decades. She spent most of that time, 22 years, operating three retail...

Just 6% of Small Businesses Focus on Keeping Customers  Small Business Trends

A new report reveals that most small businesses aren't placing a priority on keeping customers. Here's what they're doing instead.

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