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What will your affair look like a year from today?

If you're like most small affair owners, you have many clothes to do and not a sufficient amount time to do them. Can't you just discount them and defer your way to success?

Not likely. True, from time to time avoiding issues will make them go away, but think about the energy you burn up and the time you waste.

If you're like me, when there's an issue that needs compelling care of, it will keep popping it's ugly diminutive self into your brain. Deal with me now! Do this! Take care of this issue!

Perhaps you write the issue on your to do list to get it out of your head. Badly behaved is, each time you look at your to do list you say, "Yep, I still have that item pending. I exceedingly need to do a touch about it. "

Consider this. If you spend 5 notes per day accepted wisdom about the same pending issue and take no achievement on it for a year, you will have emaciated 30 hours. With time so precious to all of us, can you come up with the money for to waste 30 hours per year? And that's just one issue. What if you are procrastinating about quite a few issues?

A year from now, what will you wish you had on track today?

Denise O'Berry is a small commerce connoisseur who helps small big business owners take act to grow their business. Learn more about how to be a booming small commerce owner at http://www. smallbiz-bootcamp. com


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