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Do you know what your genius work is? It's the maximum and best use of your time. It's the best influence your big business has in the marketplace.

You're doing your genius work when your behavior are producing the greatest domino effect in the direct cycle of time.

You know you're doing your genius work when you enter the state of flow - that state when time is misused for you. When you are so engaged in what you are doing that hours can pass lacking you noticing.

When you are not expenditure as much time as likely doing your genius work, your affair is a struggle. It's challenging and frustrating. And it is not going to be a place that makes your heart sing or your feet want to jump out of bed in the morning.

To associate your genius work, ask manually these questions:

  • Out of all the tasks that must be done in my business, which ones can only be done by me?
  • What do I do in my commerce that has the chief blow on the floor line?
  • What do my clients tell me is different, unique, or exclusive about my business?
  • What am I doing when I lose all sense of time?
  • Are the items on my today's "To-Do List" only equipment I do magnificiently?

As a commerce owner your genius work might consist of actions such as:

  • Delivering presentations or proposals to prospective clients
  • Selecting your affair strategies for the advent year
  • Contacting and conference with a big name instead of a budding medical appointment or alliance partner
  • Leading your workshops or teleclasses
  • Writing a new draft of your assistance offerings for the advent year
  • Reviewing the work done by your subcontractors prior to administration to the client
  • Describing your commerce branding and pet image to you web conceive vendor

When you begin to focus your time and energy on your genius work, and learn to allot those tasks and behavior that are a struggle for you to your subcontractors, your commerce is positioned for growth.

As a bonus, you'll find you have more time for a not public life. In fact, it is not uncommon for you to be able to reclaim among 10 and 20 hours each week by culture to use your subcontractors more effectively.

Copyright 2003 Rose Hill


Rose Hill, Creator and Owner,of Biz Whiz Connoisseur (http://www. SoloBizVille. com) and Team Associate of Solo-E. Com (http://www. Solo-E. Com) has been self-employed since 1990. Conscious how to run corporate departments and how to advertise corporate entities, products, and military did nonentity to cook her for lucratively in a row and marketing a one-person business. That is why Rose produced the SoloBizVille and SoloBizU convergence - to explicitly to help solo entrepreneurs jumpstart their big business hit not including all the trial-and-error learning.


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